Glutathione-The Mother Of All Antioxidants

Glutathione is a natural protein that develops within the body and can be replenished to some degree with diet. Produced within the body’s cells, this one protein is vital to good health, working to keep the immune system at optimal functioning level. If there is a deficiency of Glutathione, all kinds of health problems can occur and glutathione therapy may be necessary.

For many years, doctors have used IV Glutathione to treat patients. Over time, a Glutathione injection was developed, which still proves highly effective. However, as more and more consumers started to show interest, researchers tried to create supplements but were soon faced with challenges. Glutathione is simply too large to pass through the intestinal wall, as well as supplements being destroyed in the digestive tract.

In addition to being found in the body, Glutathione also comes from a person’s diet. Although not considered an essential nutrient, it is still vital. After all Glutathione can be created from L-cystein, L-glutamate, and glycine amino acids. When at the appropriate levels, the benefits of Glutathione are incredible, keeping a person’s immune system working at normal function.

Another of the many benefits of Glutathione is that it aids in the multiplication of lymphocytes. Experts now conclude that there are actually three main benefits of Glutathione specific to the immune response system. First, it works as an antioxidant, second, a booster for the overall immune system and its response, and finally, a detoxifier. To ensure the body can maintain a high level of function for the immune system, Glutathione plays a critical part.

Other important benefits of Glutathione or having a Glutathione deficiency includes protection the body’s health, improving endurance in people living with AIDS, reducing high levels of oxidized Vitamins C and E, maintaining the cellular structure, protecting red blood cells, and even keeping brain function at a normal level. As more and more studies are being performed on Glutathione deficiency, researchers are amazed at the list of benefits of Glutathione that they find.

The other alternative is to talk with your doctor about a possible Glutathione injection, which also works well and is a little more affordable. In fact, there are some cases where insurance would cover the Glutathione injection because it is provided by a doctor but not the Glutathione supplements. Regardless, people who have tried this substance agree they are amazed and pleasantly surprised at how much better they feel once they start on a daily program.

While IV form of Glutathione is by far the best, there are new forms of Glutathione supplements being developed. Although you would want to talk to your doctor about the long list of benefits of Glutathione with your doctor, most will recommend anywhere from 50 to 600 milligrams taken daily. As a result, you will find the benefits of Glutathione include all the above-mentioned, as well as better liver function, reduction of dangerous toxins, decreased inflammation, and lower risk of developing cancer, higher concentration, more stamina, and less pain.

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