Fly Bra test and experiences October 2017

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Bra 64s are always a problem when clothes are airy, when they are worn shoulder-free or when only narrow straps hold the top. The bra can be worn in a neckholder top, for example, or the bra cannot be worn at all. A Japanese designer has taken care of this problem and developed the Fly Bra. This is an invisible bra that fits underneath any garment and forms an ideal décolleté. This bra is an innovative model that every woman has ever dreamed of. In addition to its very practical design, the bra is also soft and natural, washable and can be worn over and over again. The special feature is that this bra has a completely open back. This means that even wide cut-out back décolletés can be worn with this bra without any problems. The bra also meets all the requirements of demanding women who wear a bra. Besides the invisibility underneath the clothes, the bra offers another advantage. Between the shells there is a lacing and this ensures that the breasts are perfectly formed and the breasts are shaped exactly as every woman wants them to be. Since the bra only surrounds the chest, but still fits perfectly, all items of clothing can be worn in the future and it is no longer necessary to consider whether the matching bra is available for the item of clothing.

The bra is made exclusively from high-quality and dimensionally stable materials. The nylon material that makes up the bra's upper is filled with comfortable and soft foam material that gives the breast a perfect shape. The bowls themselves are made of silicone. This gives them perfect adhesion to the skin. The front lacing ensures that the bra fits perfectly to the breasts, providing effective support and shape and looks great under any garment. The material is easy to clean and can be washed by hand. The shape stability offered by the shells, which are made of rigid yet skin-friendly material, means that the bra fit is optimal and does not slip or need to be corrected during wear. However, it is important for this dimensional stability that the bra is not made of often preferred cotton, but rather that the stable and high-quality nylon materials are used instead.

Unlike many other bras, the Fly Bra is suitable for every woman. The size of the bra or the size of the bra is irrelevant when it comes to choosing this bra. Due to its special production, the bra always fits. This is not least because every woman can wear the bra. There are no problems with the bra's fit, because every woman can adjust the bra to her own size. This is because the bra is laced at the front. This way it can be tightly laced to fit the figure or rather a little bit further. The bra also fits for every individual demand that women have on the shaping of their breasts. The lacing allows you to determine individually whether the breasts should be completely normal shaped or whether they should be given more volume. With a smaller breast, a tighter lacing can simulate more volume, giving the bra a perfectly supportive and at the same time formative function and can form an ideal décolleté for all women as an invisible bra.

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How does the Fly Bra effect work?

The bra has a very special cut. Unlike classic bras, which get their fit through the straps, this bra is attached to the chest and sticks here by itself. This means that no straps or other supports are required to wear the bra. The bra is put on the breast, then lightly pressed on and finally with the front lacing integrated between the shells adapted exactly to the own figure. The bra offers two functions in one, because it forms and lifts the breast as a classic bra does, but can also simulate a fuller décolleté if desired, simply by closing the lacing in the front area tightly enough. The bra is adjusted exclusively by lacing, which is why the bra fits women of all bra sizes and can therefore be offered as a standard size.

The bra just works:

How does the Fly Bra application work?

Tightening the bra is easy. First of all, the skin of the breasts must be completely cleansed. Skin oil, lotions or other skin care products must be completely removed from the skin,

Fly Bra

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